Month: January 2019

773 Million credentials dumped on the dark web

[Excerpt] A database of breached emails totaling 773 million unique addresses has turned up on a popular underground hacking forum, giving cybercriminals one of the largest jackpots ever seen when it comes to account-compromise efforts. Troy Hunt was first alerted to the cache, which totals 87GB of data, after it was seen being hosted on …

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You Need an IT Risk Assessment!

Imagine a glitch in the database where you store your customer information, financial records, and/or inventory… how can your business function if the database broke down? Your daily business operation is directly impacted by your information technology environment. A home cannot function properly with holes in walls; your business cannot function properly with gaps in …

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Cyber Security and HIPAA

Know this! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of 1996, known as HIPAA, is enacted to protect the consumer. The institutions and service providers hold the responsibility to safeguard each consumer’s (customer’s) information. Yes, every one of your customers! The U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) regularly investigate institutions and service providers. It …

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