You Need an IT Risk Assessment!

Imagine a glitch in the database where you store your customer information, financial records, and/or inventory… how can your business function if the database broke down?

Your daily business operation is directly impacted by your information technology environment.

A home cannot function properly with holes in walls; your business cannot function properly with gaps in your IT environment.

Therefore, IT Security Risk Assessment is essential for all businesses!

What is IT Security Risk Assessment?

It is a process to evaluate penetration threats to your IT environment and it’s impact to your overall business operation.

What types of business need IT Security Risk Assessment?

While all businesses should assess their security risk, some businesses are required by law.

• Dental Office and Medical Offices (HIPAA),
• Retail Stores (PCI),
• Accountant Offices (Sarbanes-Oxley),
• Call center, Manufactures, Warehouse and all others businesses (ISO27001).

When is IT Security Risk Assessment needed?

Annually is a good business practice; the assessment should be done in two major areas, internal (employee misuse, conflicting polices, up-to-date security patching) and external (hackers, phishing attacks, malware).

How to mitigate IT Security Risk?

Digital Guardsmen will design and implement customized security policies and system controls for your business. We leverage industry standard guidelines from CIS, NIST, and ISO-27001. Digital Guardsmen will lower your business’ overall risk by enhancing your IT environment’s security.