Network Security

Everything you need to protect user privacy, maintain system integrity, and optimize network traffic.

Internet accessibility is the core of many business operations. Regardless of business size, without proper design and security appliance implementation the usability and integrity of the business network will decrease. Digital Guardsmen's staff are expert in small- and medium-sized network infrastructure and security design. We have successfully designed and deployed many network infrastructures for many of businesses in an array of industries.

Through continuous network scanning and configuration patching, Digital Guardsmen has been keeping companies' network infrastructure clean and secure for the past 5 years. Digital Guardsmen has a holistic systems-wellness approach to:

Optimize System Networks

Optimize Network Traffic

We'll optimize your network to improve speed and signal stregth.

Improve Business Wifi Signal

Preserve WiFi Signal Strength

We optimize hardware locations for optimum wireless speeds.

Protect Company Network

Protect User Privacy

We improve security systems to safeguard data traveling through your network and on devices.

System Integrity

Maintain System Integrity

Installing the right equipment with the right software leads to long-lasting equipment.

Protect System Hardware

Eradicate IP Conflicts & Disruptions

A lot of Internet connected devices can lead to a number of issues. We take care of this mess to keep your devices running strong.

Customer Service

Strategically Designed Documentation

Gain access to a customized blueprint of your equipment, logins, and more so it's easy for your team to manage everything.

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