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At Digital Guardsmen, we help companies build reliable IT infrastructures, secure systems, and security operation procedures. Our solutions provide companies data-driven insights so they can improve productivity, performance, cyber hygiene and industry standard security compliance.

From physical security with our digital surveillance solutions to our information security solutions, monitoring and protecting physical assets, network infrastructure, and endpoint devices, we can help you preserve the confidentially, integrity and availability of your data.

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Love technologies but don’t enjoy the technical and security side of business? Leave your technical requirements, information security and security compliance needs to our experts.

Become Hipaa Compliant

Security Compliance

As cyber threats and regulatory oversight grows, it’s critical to ensure your business data is safe from cyber criminals and your business is in compliance with regulatory standard. We are specialized in HIPAA/HITECH and PCI compliance.

Network Security

Network Security

Today's business are data and technology driven, as the dependencies in technologies continue to grow your business secure posture must be enhanced to combat emerging cyber threats.

Integrated Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

A well-designed IT Infrastructure allows your business to grow and creates limitless business advantages. We can help you making sure everyone of your location and computer system is running smoothly.

Digital Surveillance

Digital Video Surveillance

Utilize a high-definition surveillance system to monitor your business from all angles, respond to company allegation, strengthen physical security of your facility, and improve the overall business operations.

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Ransomware attacks

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Our Process

Step 1

Consult and Advice

We analyze your current infrastructure and identify risks that can impact your daily business operations.

Step 2

Customize and Deploy

We customize a plan for your company and integrate proven technologies by deploying the industry's best practices.

Step 3

Support and Maintain

Certified support staff will ensure business systems continuity.

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